Future Tech House

Welcome to the future of electronic music!  This is Future Tech House!  Coming in at at over 545 MB of content, your getting a ton of content to keep you busy for weeks on end.  This is new territory for us but we like a challenge here.  We took the 909 drum machine and flipped it by adding various types and amounts of distortion to the kick drum to give it a super punchy yet subtle touch.  We did the same thing to our snares adding a little touch of distortion mixed with compression to give those babies a crispy touch!  For all of our hats and cymbals we wanted to lightly distort em but not to the point of over doing it!  Just a subtle touch here and there to give it some flavor to sit in the mix just right!  For our bass loops we wanted to go all out!  Take jungle basslines and completely destroy them to oblivion!!!  Add some gating and sidechaining and you've got some rhythm for your bass loops.  Next comes the melodies.  These are a combination of various types of arps, plucks, leads and synths all treated with various types of distortion, compression, eq, gating and a subtle hint of a vocoder thrown into the mix to add character and depth.  We also created (30) risers for your buildups and drops because you kinda need something for a drop right?  All in all your getting 545 MB of Royalty Free 24-Bit Wav Samples that'll suit any DAW you throw at it!  The future of electronic music is here with Future Tech House yo!

Here's What You Get:

All Loops 125 BPM

Melody Loops (45)

Bass Loops (30)

Drum Loops (46)

One Shot Drums

Kick Drums (40)

Snares (40)

Closed and Open Hats (30)

Cymbals (15)

Analog Bass (25)

Claps (20)

SFX (30)

545 MB of Content

Royalty Free Samples

24-Bit Wav 96 khz Audio Quality 

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