Dusty HipHop Crates

Welcome to Sample Paradise City!!!  This is Dusty HipHop Crates and this pack is laced with old school ear candy for all HipHop producers!  Inside this collection of loops and samples we've got over (200) Royalty Free Vinyl Laced Drums and a Massive collection of various samples to kickstart your music productions!!!  We started with the drums first bringing out their individual characteristic with distortion, bit crushing, saturation, compression and eq to bring out their true potential as well as to give each of them that old school dirt and grit that so many producers want and love.  Next we moved onto the samples themselves.  We've got a vast collection of piano's, organs, electric guitars and bass and choirs that were created using a vast array of amps and saturation to bring out the warmth and clarity as well as add some dirt in between them to make them seem like they were sampled from an old record!  We even re-sampled some of these samples in some our of amps to add even more dirt and dust to them!  These will definitely spark the creativity in your music!  As of course these samples are all Royalty Free / 24-bit 96 khz Audio Quality!  We hope you enjoy using these in your productions as we did making them!!!

Here's What You Get Inside:

220 Total Files / 172 MB Of Content

(20) Loops / Bass / Drum Loops

(200) One Shots Samples

Kicks, Snares, Hats, Percussion

Piano's, Organs, Electric Guitars, Bass Guitars, Choirs

Royalty Free / 24-bit 96 khz Audio Quality

All DAW Formats


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