Drum Plug Drumkit

Welcome to Drum Plug!  Inside this kit your gonna find yourself with a TON OF INSPIRATION for your next productions!  This baby comes with OVER (250) DRUM HITS SCATTERED ACROSS TONS OF FOLDERS:  TUNED 808'S, KICKS, SUB KICKS, SNARES, CLAPS, SNARE CLAPS, HATS, CYMBALS, VOCALS, PERCUSSION AND SPECIAL FX!  There are NO LOOPS INSIDE THIS KIT!!!  Everything comes in ONE-SHOT FORMAT that you can use with ANY DAW YOU THROW AT IT!  Perfect for ANY TYPE OF TRAP (Hard Trap, Chill Trap, New Wave Trap, etc...)  Take your productions up a notch with the plug itself:  Drum Plug!!!

Here's What You Get:

(267) Drum One Shot Hits

(20) Claps

(20) Snares

(10) Snare Claps

(15) Cymbals

(35) Open & Closed Hats

(20) Percussion

(25) Vocals

(32) FX (Hits, Impacts & Risers)

(40) Tuned 808's

(30) Kicks

(20) Sub Kicks

24-bit / Wav Samples / ANY DAW FORMAT

Royalty Free Samples

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