Dirty Live Drums

Welcome to the Dirty Dirty!  Grab some popcorn and take seat as we journey into this MASSIVE drumkit of over 250 GB worth of content inside!  This time around ALL of these drums are Acoustic drums that have been heavily laced and processed with old school analog hardware alongside digital distortion to give these drums crunch, warmth, dirt, grit, pop and snap to make them really stand out in your HipHop / Rock / Pop / Funk mix! 

We used a variety of techniques and tricks to really make these drums stand out in your mix for your listerners!  Inside you get over 150 Drum Shots in the form of Dirt Punch Kicks, Crispy Claps, Fat Snappy Snares, Sizzling Analog Filtered Hats and Cymbals as well as Organic Percussion that was run through the mud using Distortion and Filters! 

Whether you produce HipHop, Funk, Rock, Trap or Cinematic music, this drumkit has some special for you!  Not only that but inside as well your gonna find 50 Drum Loops for instant inspiration in which you can easily drag and drop into your DAW of choice!  Everything comes in 24-bit 44 khz Audio Quality and everything comes Royalty Free!

Here's What You Get Inside:

210 Files / 250 MB of Content

50 Drum Loops

160 Drum Shots (Kicks, Claps, Snares, Hats, Cymbals, Toms, Percussion)

24-bit 44 khz Audio Quality

All Royalty Free Loops & Samples

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