We here try to make the Payment Process both SAFE, SECURE and EASY for you the Producer or Beatmaker.  We accept all major credit cards through Shopify Billing and we also accept PayPal if you use that for your online purchasing.  We ABSOLUTELY DO NOT SELL YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION GIVEN TO US TO ANY THIRD PARTY COMPANY.  WE TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY AND YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION THE SAME!  If you experience ANY kind of problem please feel free to send us an email to our address:
Every Product on our site will be shipped via Download by the email you provided when you made your purchase.  Be sure to check both your Inbox and your Spam folder to see if it is there!  If for ANY REASON YOU DID NOT RECEIVE AN EMAIL CONTAINING YOUR DOWNLOAD LINK AFTER YOU MADE A PURCHASE PLEASE LET ME KNOW IMMEDIATELY SO I CAN TAKE CARE OF THE PROBLEM.  I want you to enjoy your time making the music you love and less time worrying about the small stuff.  Let me take care of that for you.  By the way each product that comes via your Email WILL HAVE UP TO 10 DOWNLOADS meaning you have up to 10 times to download the product to your computer.  PLEASE SAVE YOUR NEW PRODUCT TO YOUR COMPUTER OR SOME TYPE OF HARD DRIVE SO YOU WILL NOT LOSE IT. IF BY SOME CHANCE YOU LOSE YOUR PRODUCT, JUST SEND ME AN EMAIL ATTACHING WITH IT YOUR DIGITAL RECEIPT AND I WILL SEND YOU ANOTHER LINK!
Return Policy
If by some chance you do not like our product by any means (hopefully you freaking love the thing) you can gladly send us an email WITHIN THE FIRST 30 DAYS AND WE WILL SEND YOU A FULL REFUND OF YOUR PURCHASE.  We want your business and we want to keep you as a Customer for a lifetime!  We are here to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS.  WE ARE HERE TO SERVE YOU FELLOW BEATMAKERS AND PRODUCERS!  WE DO HAVE AN EXCHANGE POLICY IN WHICH IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THE PRODUCT YOU CAN EXCHANGE IT FOR ANY ONE OF OUR PRODUCTS ON OUR SITE AT AN EQUAL VALUE.  Just email us at if you have any questions!
Are Your Samples Really Royalty-Free?

YES YES YES!!! LOL....Everything on our site comes royalty-free.  You DO NOT NEED ANY EXTRA SAMPLE CLEARANCE FROM ANYBODY ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH.  Once you purchase a product from us whether it's a Drumkit, Construction Kit or whatever you are not only purchasing a product, but you are entering into an legally binding agreement with us.  Don't worry!  It sounds worse than it really is.  You can rest assured that everything on our website will be now and forever ROYALTY-FREE!


Client Responsibilities 1. 100 Percent Royalty Free Samples (24-Bit Wav Quality) a. Commercial and Non-Commercial Use (Music, Video, Games, Live Shows/Performances) b. Absolutely NO Redistribution, Reselling and or Copying without written permission from the Client (Purchaser) and Contractor (Certified Audio LLC) 2. These Rights / Permissions are hereby granted Only to the Individual Purchaser of this Product and NO ONE ELSE! a. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS PRODUCT WITH ANYBODY ELSE.  WE WORK HARD TO BRING YOU THE BEST ON THE MARKET SO PLEASE RESPECT OUR WISHES. 3. If you wish to use these sounds for “Sound Design” Purposes or if you have any questions, email us at!  4. Enjoy your new product!