Cinematic Essentials

Welcome to Cinematic Essentials!  If you are into producing cinema soundtracks, film scores, video games or even Future Bass, Trap or Hip Hop your in the right place!  This pack comes fully loaded with essential elements that you need to make your film scores and beat productions stand out from the rest of the competition!  Inside we're giving you HUGE Impacts guaranteed to make the walls shake and your heart vibrate!  We have EPIC Risers treated with a wide variety of rich analog processing and reverb to make those build ups and drop seem like dust in the wind!  We've got INTENSE Brass Stabs to add depth, emotion and suspense to your soundtracks and beats as well!  These will have your listeners as well as your neighbors going nuts all day and night!  We have AMBIENT Soundscapes that will bring out those vibes and chills you want in your productions!  All in all this pack is a must have if you produce Soundtracks, Film Scores, Future Bass, Trap, Riddim, Dubstep, House, Drum & Bass or anything else!  Drag and drop anything into your DAW of choice and watch the magic happen right in front of your eyes!  Everything comes in 24-bit 44 khz Audio Quality and everything comes Royalty Free!

Here's What You Get Inside:

110 Files / 293 MB of Content

Perfect for ANY Genre of Today's Music

Impacts, Risers, Stabs, Ambient Soundscapes

24-bit 44 khz Audio Quality

All Royalty Free Samples 


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