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Product Review:  808 Studio Bass Synthesizer by Initial Audio

So with this being said I'm going to give you my honest opinion and review of Initial Audio's 808 Studio Bass Synthesizer.  I will be looking at various areas of the VST Plugin from the Presets to Design / Interface to Affordability to Sound Quality and its Features.  After that I will give an Overall / Value score that's based on my overall perception of the product.  

Just to be aware, I do use this plugin on the daily!  There's a reason why too lol!  This comes in 32-Bit and 64-Bit whether you use a Mac or a PC.  It doesn't matter.  It can be used on most VST's from FL Studio, Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Studio One, Garageband


  1. Over 200 Presets from 808's to Bass.  
  2. Great for people starting out not wanting to do much Sound Design to their Bass.
  3. You can create and save your own 808's / Bass Presets for later use.
  4. Overall I give the Preset Section a 9.2 out of 10.
Design / Interface
  1. It has a very sleek-looking interface that you can look at for long periods.
  2. Simple navigation
  3. It is pretty much a "To The Point" looking VST Synthesizer!
  4. Overall I give the Design / Interface Section a 9.0 out of 10.
  1. It costs around $70 dollars USD.
  2. For me personally the price is affordable and not to mention I got this plugin when they offered a sale through their website.  This really depends on you whether or not you can afford it.  Compared to other VST's on the market today, I personally believe that it might be under priced, but that's just my opinion.  For something like this I would pay upwards of $100 for but that's just my opinion though lol.
  3. Is it worth it price wise?  ABSOLUTELY! 
  4. Overall I give the Affordability Section a 9.7 out of 10.
Sound Quality
  1. Just because it's $70 dollars doesn't mean the sound quality is slacking because I can assure you it's not by NO MEANS!
  2. Sound Quality is FANTASTIC.  You can really hear clearly the low frequencies being represented whether or not you are making an 808 style bass or something analog or just a pure sub frequency.  Either way it goes, you get a fantastic sound overall!
  3. Overall I give the Sound Quality Section a 9.8 out of 10.
  1. Has tons of features
  2. You can customize the effects in your effect chain to create some unique sounding 808's and Bass.
  3. If you add a Kick to your 808 Bass you can sidechain your compressor by flipping on or off the button beside the compressor.  How cool is that?  Pretty simple and easy if you ask me.
  4. Overall I give the Features Section a 9.9 out of 10.
  • 2 Oscillators (Over 60 Wavetables Included)
  • Sub Oscillator
  • Kick Section whether or not you want to include a Punchy Kick with your 808 or not
  • Filter Section for cleaning up any mud around your 808 Bass
  • Tons of Effects (Compressor, Chorus, EQ, Amp, Distortion)
  • Pitch Slide Section to make your 808's Glide
  • ADSR Section to fine tune and control your 808 Bass

If you want more information on the product itself, make sure and head on over to INITIAL AUDIO

Overall Quality / Value
9.5 out of 10

Still Not Convinced?
I for one do not like sharing how I make my beats or how I do my sound design.  Maybe I'm just weird like that like it's a major secret or something.  But for me I want to help each and every producer I come across whether that's giving some advice or knowledge or maybe them teaching me something because for me I don't know everything there is too know about the music industry.  I wish I did but I don't but I'm open to learn new things and accept criticism, whether that's good or bad.  I used 808 Studio to make some of my products now.  One of them is FREE!!! I hope this Product Review helped you out in anyway possible.  Until next time, keep your head up and keep pushing forward.  Life is tough but it doesn't rain everyday.  Keep focused on your goals and dreams!

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