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Latest Audio News: "BassSynth" By Wave Alchemy

Latest Audio News:

With the rise of Technology and Music Production it's no coincidence that major companies like Wave Alchemy are jumping on board the crave!  Their latest offering in the VST Plugin Marketplace is truly a masterpiece from top to bottom!  IMAGINE HAVING ALL YOUR BASS NEEDS COVERED WITH ONE PLUGIN WELCOME...

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Looking for a VST Plugin that gives you that "Bad Tape" Vibe???

Looking for a VST Plugin that gives you that

Denise Audio over the string of years has released several VST effect plugins capable of mantling and destroying any kind of audio put through them and now they have released their answer to their Lo-Fi creation:  "Bad Tape" FIND OUT MORE ABOUT IT HERE

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Latest Audio News: Audiomodern Drops "Playback"

Latest Audio News:  Audiomodern Drops

If you know it or not Audiomodern has come a considerable ways in the music production market place releasing tons of sample packs and modern VST Plugins and this new release of theirs is no exception!  A fun and creative beat generator that allows you to construct entirely new ideas...

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